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Flagpole Carrying Case Flag Economy Water weight 5' x 3'  Budweiser- Bud Light MLB Mirage Flag

“Protect your flag with a handy carry bag”

  • Come in a range of sizes to suit your chosen flag
  • Pocket compartment to keep things such as flag spikes or ground pegs in
  • Space to add a label to your bag so you know what’s inside
  • Easy-glide durable zip

“Use this water weight with a cross base for ultimate stability”

  • Made from welded PVC
  • 12 liter capacity to anchor your flag
  • Easy to fill and empty for ease of use
  • Can be used in multiples for extra weight
Flags are made of durable, knitted poyester material, single stitch hem with canvas header and 3 grommets. We have all the MLB team logos available. We can also use any Vector logo you supply.

X-Stand For Flag Sand Base for Vertical Flags
  • Designed to sit on flat surfaces
  • Works with our all of our pole flags
  • Center pole mount can be removed for easy storage
Unique portable plastic base will support flagpoles up to 10'. Just add sand and it's ready to use.